The Playground of
Timothy Rivera

My Jungle Gym

Valley of Fire State Park
Photo of Tim sitting at the edge of an overlook
  • am 43 years old
  • live in the Las Vegas area (from the Atlanta area)
  • have worked as a mail carrier for USPS since 1999
My hobbies and interests include

This web space has been my play area for web hosting and development since 2002. I enjoy playing with HTML and CSS, then implementing newly-learned features into this website.

Photo of Tim from the waist up, arms outstretched, standing atop a mountain with a view of 100 miles as the backdrop

Distant view of Las Vegas from Red Rock Muffins Loop trail

Photo of Tim sitting atop a big, red rock in a canyon

Enjoying the scenery at Valley of Fire State Park

Photo of a blue convertible coupe parked alongside a wharf

My toy: a blue-on-blue 10th-Anniversary Edition Miata

Selfie photo of Tim in front of an art installation comprised of columns of painted boulders

Up close at the Seven Magic Mountains exhibit

Domain Names For Sale

I am no longer using these domain names and may as well sell them.

Suggested Links

Fallen Heroes Memorial - An online memorial that I created in 2003 for fallen American servicemembers.
Fallen Heroes Memorial: Remember the Servicemembers